Donations Invited

          Donations are invited from persons interested in wildlife and environment and zoo education and snakes and snake studies in particular. Donations may be by cash or cheque or DD payable to the Chennai Snake Park Trust, Chennai 600 022. All donations to the Trust are deductible for tax purposes under Sec.80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Think it over !

     "Why should we protect snakes? We are told that this is because they play an important role in destroying vermin like rats and agricultural pests. True, but that's not the whole truth. This is a narrow view posited on the arrogant assumption that man and man alone is the Lord and Master of the Earth, that his interests are supreme and all other denizens on earth, plant or animal, have their relevance only so long as they contribute to his own material welfare.

     "Snakes deserve to be protected for their own sake.

     "These splendidly endowed creatures in command of faculties denied to us, some of which are beyond our understanding and some, perhaps, even beyond our imagination, have a significant place in life on this planet that we, humans, smugly call 'ours' but which, certainly, is not ours alone".

-B. Vijayaraghavan