Education Programmes

We conduct regular education programmes in the Park on snakes and other reptiles for students from schools and colleges and teachers and for invited audiences. Under this programme, the following power point presentations are available:-

  • The wonder that is the snake
    (A comprehensive account of significant aspects of biology and natural history of snakes with special reference to Indian species)
  • Snakes of Chennai
  • False beliefs and facts about snakes
  • Snakebite and treatment
  • Identification of common Indian snakes

Those who wish to participate in such programmes (in batches of 20 to 50) may contact the Director, Chennai Snake Park (Contact address, available in the page "How to contact us").

Think it over !

     "The snake with its many unique and, in some ways, contradictory attributes has been worshipped, feared, puzzled over, hated, loved, exploited, exterminated, studied and even petted. It has been used in magic, witchcraft, religion, medicine, war, torture, sport, science, commerce and entertainment. On the one hand, it has been a symbol of procreation, health, longevity, immortality and wisdom; on the other, it has represented death, disease, sin, lechery, duplicity, and temptation. It is a paradox... Mankind has seldom ignored it".

-Ramona & Desmond Morris