The Snake Park attracts over seven lakhs of visitors in a year of whom one-fifth are children.

Think it over !

     "The Huichol Indians[of Mexico] admire the beautiful markings on the back of serpents. Hence when a Huichol woman is about to weave or embroider, her husband catches a large serpent and holds it in a cleft stick, while the woman strokes the reptile with one hand down the length of its entire back; then she passes the same hand over her forehead and eyes, that she may be able to work as beautiful patterns in the web as the markings on the back of the serpent".

     Quoting the above passage from The Golden Bough(1922), Sir James G.Fraser's classic study in magic and religion, Des Kennedy says in Nature's Outcastes - A New Look at Living things We Love to hate(1992):

     "That's the kind of reverence for the natural world we somehow lost... Snakes, I think, are a good starting point for rediscovering Eden".